Munich – Our Passion

We love Munich, we love Bavaria. And for years, we have been so close that we can tell you the best secrets. This means that a tour of the „Cosmopolitan City with Heart” will be an unforgettable event for you and your guests. We know the hotel and gastronomy industry like the back of our hand. We create custom sightseeing and adventure programmes and we ensure surprising moments. Surprising in the most positive sense of the word. With a finger constantly on the pulse of the city, and being on the go in the whole of Bavaria all the time, we are up to date and can provide you with the most current event trends at the most beautiful venues in the Free State of Bavaria.

Explore our passion – the Munich area, and discover it for yourself.

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Connected to exclusive locations

Perfect ideas are half the battle; perfect locations are the other half. VBA Events can provide you with both for your event – even in the reverse order! Take advantage of our exclusive access to top locations that quickly bring with them excellent ideas.

Gut Arnhofen
This working farm in Aichach is home to our popular Farm Olympics. In this exclusive offering, on the 15,000 square meters of land, we implement conferences, team events and more: both indoors and in the open air.

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All-weather sports check
This over 40,000 square meter sports complex with hotel and restaurant is the perfect all-round location for companies that want both ideas and bodies to be on the move. From kick-offs, to team building, to a health day. Under the motto Sportify Your Business we bring your business activities to life with sporting activities in a harmonious way.

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