As a prelude to the new financial year, the IT company wants to showcase the multi-faceted nature of their services. The working title „Our colourful world” was quickly born. In order to bring this into focus visually, the management set out their vision upon their first site visit to the MVG Museum: „I see our employees and partners sitting jumbled-up in islands – there needs to be a clear change.“ The company wanted to avoid all of the usual presentation techniques.


For the 350 invited guests, we designed a colourful mix that goes far beyond throwing together seating groups by colour: each guest actually gets an individual seat. The catering is also uniquely presented: from buffet on a stick to pancakes from the concrete mixer to extra-thin flywheel-sliced Parma ham for the midnight snack. And while the business content becomes an exciting, interactive story through the Business Theatre VitaminT, the service staff also play their part in the bustling atmosphere with constantly changing outfits.


The room design, dipped in colourful spots, amazes you from the first minute. At the reception, a stage with a movable rear wall provides a spectacular view into the meeting area and participants go through with a sense of being a VIP. The managers are very satisfied that their vision of diversity will be continued with plenty of individual class. And after the lively VJ performance on the LED-wall (at the latest), the 350 invited guests will come away with the impression that the range of services of this consulting company will be getting a lot more colourful in the current fiscal year.

A brightly coloured start to the year with an IT consulting company