If 350 employees of the McDonald’s Main Service Centre are to meet once a year, they should not simply have to chow down on information. The sense of belonging is also to be strengthened significantly. A combination of conference and team building is required. And the name „Summer Infotainment“ sums up the flavour: The team event will serve up outdoor activities, but it can still go ahead in bad weather. A versatile location in the Munich region is required.


For the company with the golden M on a green background, we will put together a menu that is just right with an event format that is exclusive to us: The Farm Olympics on the Arnhofen Estate in Aichach fits perfectly with the brand image and can be weatherproof if the need arises. The event location offers spacious rooms, plenty of outdoor space, and numerous shelters.


Everything meets the customer’s high expectations: The otherwise rather rustic Kartoffelhalle [Potato Hall] shines as a highly modern conference room. In the beer garden, the guests enjoy the best homemade meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 24 exceptional contests fire up the team spirit. And Bayern 3 radio early morning presenter Bernhard „Fleischi“ Fleischmann presents the jovial rural Olympics. Organizers and guests alike are delighted.

Being there is everything in this Farm Olympics – satisfied and motivated, at the end, the guests receive the practical, lovingly designed (and of course filled) Arnhofer Kartoffelbox (Arnhofer Potato Box) to take home.

Conference and Team Building at the Farm Olympics