As part of its kick-off conference, Tomorrow Focus seeks to promote cohesion in the workforce. The aim is to bring together teams from different departments, who have already experienced and participated in many events. A special approach must be found, an approach that makes both the team-building and the evening programme interesting for all involved.


Our concept: „Make your own event“! In every company, there are hidden talents waiting to be discovered. We don’t just want to take this fact and put it on stage in the evenings for all to see, we also want each and every one of the 180 participants to actively experience it. Be it an appearance as a band, as a magician, as fire-eaters, or as a flash mob, in the afternoon workshops, the employees will rehearse what they will perform to their colleagues in the evening. Employees can even contribute to an unforgettable evening as part of a kitchen, bar, or service team.


Within the wide range of workshops, there is just the right thing for every undiscovered talent. With professional coaching, each participant will slip into their exceptional role within just 3 hours. The level of guest engagement is impressive and is surpassed only by the subsequent shows. Our client is completely satisfied – all the more so because the talented performances have remained a hot topic of conversation in the corridors of the company for a long time: Conclusion: Our concept, „Make your own event“ has proved to be brilliant team format.

Kick-off with skillful teambuilding for Tomorrow Focus