Kabel Deutschland cooperates with many independent service technicians who also work for other companies. Together with VBA Events, we are targeting this audience that is composed mainly of men in order to inspire them for Kabel Deutschland and to help them build a stronger emotional bond with the company. The idea is to create a sense of belonging.


TV, men, team spirit – we create a conference program that perfectly brings together the client, the audience, and the objective: We will make the popular action series “The A-Team” a reality for the approximately 350 service technicians. This thrilling world of experience offers everything men dream of, from a stunt show, to car racing, to exciting dancers. The locations – the Muffathalle and the Kesselhaus in Munich – provide the perfect backdrop.


The esteemed series title becomes the programme for the participants: for a whole day, the 350 service technicians can feel like „The A-Team” in the truest sense. Video sequences set the mood. Katja Wunderlich of Bayern 3, who is well known to the audience, is the presenter. Dakar Rally winner Jutta Kleinschmidt will drive in accompanied by deafening engine noise in her original winning car and give the keynote speech. And in the joint drumming workshop, all participants drum together before the spectacular evening stunt show soaring above the heads of the guests, as well as driving simulators, a stock-car race track, a show performance by the cocktail divas, and DJane Cosi make the atmosphere so hot that the party is extended spontaneously. In the words of Hannibal Smith: We love it when a plan comes together.

Kabel Deutschland becomes the A-Team